New features November 2022: Improving 'teach from the front of the class'

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At Lyfta we are constantly trying to improve our product and service for schools; to develop and deliver exciting new content each term and make the platform more and more user friendly.

We’ve been busily making improvements, based on your feedback. The latest new features are designed to improve the experience of teachers choosing to teach in front of the class with Lyfta.
Lyfta lesson using the interactive whiteboard and ‘teach in front of the class' function.
Lyfta lesson using the interactive whiteboard and ‘teach in front of the class' function.
Thank you to all the teachers who have taken the time to tell us what they love and what could be improved.
Following a recent round of feedback, we immediately got to work to make some more improvements - this time to support practitioners who use the option to explore Lyfta as a class activity or assembly and choose to use the 'teach in front of the class' option.

What we've done so far to improve the experience:

A fixed top bar
A fixed top bar
Better navigation for rich media articles
We have added a fixed top bar and more obvious ways to get back to the storyworld you're teaching from, so it's always clear what the context is and where to go next.
Improved sizing of fonts
Improved sizing of fonts
Better formatting for teaching
Teachers using the 'teach in front of the class' feature have told us that the smaller text (designed to read on individual student devices)is hard to read when displayed on a projector or whiteboard. We've now been through all the content, improving and enlarging fonts and adapting line heights, spacing, alignments and headings to make everything more readable.

Improvements in progress…

Image descriptions for screen readers
Right now we are working through our content and adding alt text for all images on the platform, to make them readable with screenreaders to help with accessibility.

What improvements would you like to see?

We really appreciate the feedback we've received so far and strive to continue to improve things. If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.
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