Lyfta storyworlds - January 2023

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We are delighted to present five brand new Lyfta storyworlds, introducing even more people, places and perspectives for your students to experience. The latest storyworlds, feature real human stories from Sudan, Brazil, Iran, Ethiopia and Uganda and cover a range of themes, from challenging stereotypes and the power of role models, to civilian protests and the right to education. Read on to find out more about this exciting new content to help broaden your students' horizons.
Trailer for the new Lyfta Storyworlds

Summer Village, Winter Village - Iran

Trailer to storyworld Summer Village, Winter Village
This two-episode storyworld follows the story of Shahnaz, a 15-year-old girl and the eldest daughter in a nomadic family living in a hard-to-reach mountainous region of Iran. Shahnaz dreams of becoming a writer but fights against a patriarchal society that has different expectations for her. In the second episode, we discover how Esmaeil, her young teacher from the city, is set on broadening the horizons of all the children in this remote village and supports Shahnaz to pursue her dreams. Themes include nomadic life, a patriarchal society, the right to education, seasonal change and seasonal hardship.
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Music is my Social Tool - Brazil

Trailer to storyworld Music is my Social Tool
Izandra is a young black Brazilian woman raised by her grandmother. When she turned 13, her grandmother encouraged her to attend a local project where she learnt to play the violin. This instrument, classical music and the work of Afro-Brazilian musicians changed her life. Izandra now shares her expertise with low-income youngsters and works to make classical music accessible to all. We meet Izandra in the city of Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil where she plays, studies and teaches the violin. This storyworld explores themes such as role models, accessibility of the arts, community and family connections.
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Boxing Clever - Uganda

Trailer to storyworld Boxing Clever
Catherine a.k.a 'the silent beast' is the first female Ugandan boxer to qualify for the Olympic Games. The 22-year-old rising star shares her story of hope, resilience and determination, as she boxes her way to the top from humble beginnings. Catherine describes how she realised her dream and overcame the odds, overcoming disbelief from her father and breaking down gender stereotypes to succeed as a female in a male-dominated sport.
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Webs of Hope - Sudan

Trailer to storyworld Webs of Hope
Sudan's people are protesting against the military dictatorship that has overthrown their fragile democratic government. Protesters take to the streets, including an anonymous protester dressed as Spiderman. Meet this mysterious individual who feels powerful in his disguise and uses it to create awareness on social media.
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Ethiopian Treasures - Ethiopia

Trailer to storyworld Ethiopian Treasures
10-year-old Asalif is growing up on the very edge of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. He and his mother were displaced from their home by a huge condominium development looming over their small piece of farmland. Discover how Asalif navigates the space between traditional lands and modern development, finding joy through turning other people's trash into his own treasure.
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