Lyfta storyworlds - summer term 2023

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It’s that time again! We are excited to present five brand new Lyfta storyworlds, introducing your students to even more people, places and perspectives. The latest storyworlds feature real human stories from London, Mexico, Colombia, Canada and Indonesia and cover a range of themes, from loneliness and multicultural London, to indigenous midwifery and disability activism. Read on to find out more about this new and inspiring content to enrich your curriculum and broaden your students' horizons.
Trailer for the new Lyfta Storyworlds

Keep London Smiling - UK

Trailer to storyworld Keep London Smiling
Sylvain is a Transport for London station officer who moved to London from Côte d'Ivoire via France. Despite facing his own struggles with loneliness, Sylvain becomes determined to bring happiness to the lives of commuters who visit his work place - Brockley overground station - when he notices people are rarely smiling. Through small acts of kindness and conversations we see Sylvain overcome his feelings of loneliness and brighten customers' days!
Find out more about Keep London Smiling here.
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Catching Babies Series

Trailer to storyworld Catching Babies
In this series of three storyworlds we hear the stories of midwives from around the world delivering babies in different and highly challenging situations. In Colombia we meet Maria who supports mothers giving birth using Afro-Colombian traditional midwifery practices and herbal remedies passed down through generations. In Mexico we meet Ximena, a midwife delivering babies in a makeshift refugee camp in Mexico on the borders of the southern USA. We also journey to Canada, to meet midwife Jay supporting vulnerable women who are dealing with homelessness on the streets of Toronto from her mobile unit.
Find out more about Catching Babies here.
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The Advocate - Indonesia

Trailer to storyworld The Advocate
Aci is a muslim woman and a disability activist living in Indonesia, who experienced a sudden physical disability after a car accident caused her to lose both her arms. In this storyworld we see Aci's positive attitude and determination enable her to overcome barriers and initiate a disability community project. Students will also have the opportunity to virtually attend the Rembang SOIna or the Special Olympics Indonesia with Aci, a sporting event for athletes with mental and physical disabilities, through interactive 360° spaces and soundscapes.
Find out more about The Advocate here.
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