Your Lyfta experience just got a speed upgrade

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No one likes waiting for things to load on the web. Whether it’s a simple web page or social media stream, a purchase confirmation or a video you want to watch, waiting is the worst. So we are delighted to introduce our latest platform update which includes a major speed upgrade!
The Lyfta globe is now many, many times faster to load than it was before.
The Lyfta globe is now many, many times faster to load than it was before.
Students using Lyfta
Students using Lyfta
Loading speed is a topic that has come up in our conversations with teachers - it would be great if the Lyfta globe could load faster…
  • To reduce the time for distractions as pupils engage with Lyfta content.
  • To improve the quality of the experience as you start a lesson with Lyfta.
  • For those with poor connections or those moments when the internet is just slow.
We want you to have the best possible teaching experience with Lyfta, so we've re-built the Lyfta globe from the ground up, to make it faster to display and faster to interact with, for an all-round better teaching and learning experience.

The Lyfta globe is now many, many times faster to load than it was before.

The changes we have made mean the globe will now load twice, three times, or even five times faster than it did before, depending on the user's device and connection. Please let us know if you notice the difference! Log into Lyfta now to see the difference

If you like the new version…

Please give us a shout out on Twitter to help us celebrate the speed upgrade and let others know about the improvement - @LyftaEd

If you encounter any problems…

Please let us know via our chat window and we'll look into any issues you raise straight away!

The technical bit…

For those who are interested in these things, we have moved to a new framework - from Unity to 3js - for displaying the globe, to do four things:
  1. Reduce initial payload: 3js is a much lighter framework on first load - so you can get your lesson started faster;
  2. Progressive loading: the Lyfta globe now loads progressively in a way it didn't before - starting with the bare minimum to see the globe and pins, and gradually loading additional content in the background;
  3. Speed up new developments: It will now be faster for our dev team to build new functionality into the globe, because 3js is a simpler system to code in;
  4. Support more devices and browsers: Because it is a javascript library, 3js is supported by default by more device types and browsers (eg Android tablets) than Unity, so we'll be able to offer teachers more and easier choices about which devices to use with their classes.

We hope you're as excited about the improvements as we are! Log in to and launch the globe view now to experience the speed upgrade for yourself.

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