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Learn from artist Mono Gonzalez in Chile through Lyfta storyworld 'Street Art Revolution'. Discover how Mono started painting political murals in the 1960s which have influenced Chilean art to the present day. Join him on a walking tour of street art in Santiago, and explore this cosmopolitan capital city. Learn about the colour wheel and be inspired to create your own art.
Street Art Revolution - Lyfta storyworld
Artist Mono Gonzalez in Santiago Chile walking past one of the colourful street murals
Artist Mono Gonzalez walking by a colourful street mural in Santiago
Learn from Mono Gonzalez: a journey through Chilean muralism

Lyfta storyworld ‘Street Art Revolution’ from Chile, transports learners to the colourful streets of Santiago, to learn from Mono Gonzalez, a pioneering street artist whose work has left an indelible mark on the city.

Through a powerful short documentary film, 360° explorable spaces and insightful rich media content, students will discover Mono's story and learn how he started painting political murals in the 1960s which have influenced Chilean art to the present day.

“Today street art is accepted as a part of the language and identity of this country. We have a specific style. It’s all about flat colours, black outlines and bright, primary colours.”

Mono Gonzalez
Storyworld - Street Art Revolution
Artist Mono Gonzalez at work in his studio
Artist Mono Gonzalez at work in his studio in Santiago

A window into the life of an amazing muralist

Students can explore Mono’s studio and take in the sights and sounds of the creative process and the evolution of his art. 

In this storyworld we can join Mono on a 360° virtual walking tour of Santiago, delving into the city's vibrant street art scene and cosmopolitan charm.

“You have to reflect on your work to keep on projecting it into the future. Therefore I have made a decision to open up my workshop to young people… to keep on learning, from new perspectives”

Mono Gonzalez
Storyworld - Street Art Revolution

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