Use Lyfta human stories for A Day of Welcome and Refugee Week 2024

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Explaining Lyfta
Lyfta are delighted to be partnering with A Day of Welcome for 2024 and to offer schools free access to all our immersive storyworlds and resources between 10th and 23rd June to mark A Day of Welcome and Refugee Week.
Faces of a range of people to celebrate A Day of Welcome
A Day of Welcome and Refugee Week 2024
Children celebrating A Day of Welcome, hold up letters spelling out 'Welcome', with hearts in the background.
Students participating in A Day of Welcome
About A Day of Welcome

A Day of Welcome is an annual day of solidarity and learning in schools that aims to build a culture of welcome and understanding for people seeking sanctuary.

Celebrated by over 530 schools in 2023, A Day of Welcome is designed to support teachers in kick starting Refugee Week by providing free live events, resources and activities for pupils of all ages. Resources for this year’s event come from a range of partners including Lyfta, as well as Amnesty International, National Centre for Writing, Good Chance Theatre, World of Languages and Languages of the World.

You can register for the free live events for A Day of Welcome here. These events for KS1-4 include children's authors, experts with lived experience and teacher CPD.

Many schools have an assembly to mark Refugee Week each June. By taking part in A Day of Welcome on the Friday before Refugee Week, schools can make use of our live events, teaching resources and guidance to engage more deeply with the topics of migration and forced displacement. Ultimately, we want to build a culture of welcome for all in our schools and with refugee migration rarely out of the news in recent years this initiative is an effective way to build empathy and understanding for families who have been forced to flee their homelands to escape danger.

Jake Rose-Brown
Co-Director of A Day of Welcome
Use Lyfta as a powerful tool for A Day of Welcome and Refugee Week 

Explore an innovative way to bring different people, places and perspectives into the classroom this Refugee Week! Help students connect with and understand people from around the world, and nurture a sense of belonging for all, through powerful immersive human stories.

There are 80 immersive storyworlds and 400+ lesson and assembly plans to explore on the Lyfta platform, but outlined below are some of the resources which will be particularly useful for educators looking to spark important discussion about the refugee experience.

All content and resources can be accessed for 14 days for when you create a free Lyfta Starter account. We are also offering special extended access for A Day of Welcome and Refugee Week, so you can explore the content for 14 days through your trial and will then receive a bonus period of free access to use the resources in the classroom between 10th and 23rd June 2024!

Lyfta is such a powerful tool to build empathy and understanding. Sharing authentic stories is key to breaking down prejudice and challenging misconceptions about people seeking sanctuary and with Lyfta's storyworlds teachers can take their pupils across the world, meeting migrants and refugees and learning about their lives. As we try to build a culture of welcome in our schools, Lyfta is an invaluable tool.

Jake Rose-Brown
Co-Director of A Day of Welcome
Trailer: Lyfta storyworld - journey to a new hme
Storyworld: Journey to a New Home

This storyworld is best suited for KS3 and KS4 due to themes in part 1 of the film, but many of the resources included are suitable for learners of all ages.

Meet Adhanom, originally from Eritrea, now living in Sweden. Learn about the reasons he made such a difficult journey and what life is like for him now he is settled in Sweden. Explore a wealth of articles about the issue of migration, inclusion and belonging and the meaning of home; and be empowered to analyse and use language appropriately, developing critical literacy skills.

Click to explore if you have a subscription, or sign up for a free, no obligation trial.

Trailer: Lyfta storyworld - Habiba's Home
Habiba's Home

Suitable for all age groups.

Meet Habiba who has travelled from Somalia to Finland and learn about her commitment to making a welcoming society: a place where all people can feel they belong, whatever background they come from. Appreciate the difficulties some people can face if they are isolated or not trusted - including Habiba. Learn some Somali recipes and join her family for dinner. Part of the Dinnertime 360 storyworld series.

Click to explore if you have a subscription, or sign up for a free, no obligation trial.

Screen showing the teacher dashboard - Geography and Migration collection
Lyfta collection Geography and Migration

This Lyfta collection is curated around the theme of Geography and Migration and is most suitable for KS2.

Journey into the narratives of real people and locations affected by migration with this collection tailored for KS2. Explore the complexities of human movement, fostering empathy and understanding as students connect with authentic stories from around the globe. Click to explore if you have a subscription, or sign up for a free, no obligation trial.

Resources in this collection include:

  • Lesson plan - Welcoming strangers
  • Lesson plan - Two Homes
  • Lesson plan - The Meaning of Home
  • Lesson plan - building a united world
  • Lesson plan - Multicultural London
  • Article - The language of migration
  • Article - Refugees welcome?
  • Article - Ways to welcome new arrivals
  • Article - Multicultural London

What is Lyfta?

Lyfta offers a groundbreaking solution for educators seeking to broaden their students' horizons, offering access to a range of people, places and perspectives that would otherwise be impossible. Imagine being able to teleport your entire class to a new destination every week, immersing them in the vibrant cultures and compelling stories of people from around the globe—all for less than the cost of a coach trip.

Welcome to Lyfta!

If you have not yet explored the platform, log in to access the resources now. If you don't yet have a Lyfta account, sign up for a free, no obligation trial now to access all content for A Day of Welcome and Refugee Week 2024.

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