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It’s easier than ever to explore the world, visit new places and meet new people with Lyfta. But it’s all too easy to forget how far you’ve come, how many real human stories you have encountered, and how many classes you have explored with.

To help you keep track, we have added a new quick view of your Lyfta usage right at the top of your Lyfta Dashboard homepage.
Teacher dashboard on
Teacher dashboard on

What data is shown on the dashboard?

There are three tiles, in this first release, for ‘Countries explored’, ‘People encountered’, and ‘Lessons taught’.
Here’s how we pick the numbers for the data shown in each tile:
  • 🌍 Countries explored: The number of unique ‘Explore Storyworld’ tasks launched by a teacher as part of a lesson
  • 👳🏾 People encountered: The number of unique ‘View Film’ tasks in lessons started by a teacher
  • 🎓 Lessons taught: All lessons (active and ended) that a teacher has started
As you can see, they all tie back to your core teaching activities using Lesson plans on the Lyfta platform.
This is a new feature and the first time we’ve class="blogx-p1-link"fed back data to our users like this. So if you spot any numbers you don’t think match up with your experience on the platform, please let us know via our feedback form - this will be a big help in spotting any issues we may not have picked up during our testing.
At Lyfta, this is the next step on our journey, with you, to track the impact of Lyfta in the classroom. These first feedback tiles, for how many places, encounters and lessons you have experienced with Lyfta, are the tip of that ‘impact’ iceberg.
Over the coming weeks and months, we plan to expand these to give you, your teaching colleagues and your students better ways to track progress, record experiences, and demonstrate the positive impact Lyfta can bring to your school and your students.
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