Remote and blended learning with Lyfta

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Explaining Lyfta
One of the biggest challenges with online teaching is engagement with students. Many of the ways you will use to spark interest and excitement in the classroom, are simply not possible when teaching remotely. Lyfta can provide you with a powerful way to bring your lessons and learning experiences to life online.

Below we have set out two different remote learning scenarios based on the level of technology that your students have access to.
Student using Lyfta at Home
Student using Lyfta at Home
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"Lyfta's high-quality online materials and resources enable me to create engaging lessons and activities for children to do at home during lockdown."

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In this guide we outline two scenarios for remote or blended learning using Lyfta:
  • Scenario one: a computer, laptop or an iPad is available at home for most or all of your students and you want them to learn fully or partially independently
  • Scenario two: your students have technology available at home and you teach live online lessons using Google Hangouts, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another video conferencing platform

How Lyfta works

Logging in
Go to and enter the email address you use for your Lyfta account and your Lyfta password. You can reset your Lyfta password at any time by clicking on the 'Forgot password?' link.
Teacher resources
Find Lyfta content and lesson plans by using the search function. To access this click on 'Search' on the left side menu.
Using the search function will give you inspiration and ideas of what the platform has that can be used for your lessons. You can search all the Lyfta content (including the storyworlds, films, articles and lesson plans) with keywords, themes, skills and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Finding and editing lesson plans
This video shows you how to find ready-made lesson plans and edit them to suit.
Sometimes you'll notice a traffic light symbol on content which indicates that the content includes a topic that should be handled sensitively. When you click on the content it will say explicitly what is discussed so that you can make a decision about how you use it with your students.
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"The ease of the platform and the way that I am able to quickly set work for students to access either remotely or in school reduces the time it takes to set work."

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Scenario one: technology is available at home for most or all of your students and you want them to learn independently

In this scenario you will need to first make sure your students are added to a class on Lyfta. This will allow you to give your students independent access to a Lyfta lesson that you have selected, monitor their progress and save their responses.
What to do: If your students don't already exist on Lyfta the quickest way to add them and group them into a class at the same time is to use our bulk upload feature. Click on the lesson plan you want to teach. Click 'Teach' and select the class name then click 'Start now' to launch the lesson.
This video shows you how your students will access their lesson remotely.
Tip: Give the 'Passphrase for student's to your students so they can log into their lesson at or via the iPad app: Lyfta Student.

Scenario two: your students have technology available at home and you teach live lessons using a video conferencing platform

In this scenario you will select a lesson plan you wish to teach to students and share it with them live through your video conferencing platform. This is similar to teaching with Lyfta from the front of your classroom or an assembly hall.
What to do: Before your lesson, it is important to make sure that your video conference settings enable you to share sound from your computer, then click on the lesson plan. Click 'Teach' and 'In front of the class'. Share your screen with your students. You can then lead the students through the lesson, gaining their ideas and feedback, working through the lesson in real time.
Tip: numerous teachers and school leaders have said that this works well for sharing the Lyfta storyworlds, articles and even videos with students in real time. Please note that the quality of the videos in this scenario may be impacted by internet bandwidth.
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"It was something that many of my pupils found to be very, very useful during lockdown. It encouraged them to actually try doing school work when there was not a teacher in front of them."

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We are here for you

Remember that whenever you are logged into Lyfta there are several ways to find help, including a way to directly message the team and get a reply in real-time during school hours.
We also offer regular drop-in sessions for Lyfta subscribers to talk with a Lyfta trainer and help you smoothly make the most of Lyfta for remote and blended learning.
If you are new to Lyfta you can get a month's free trial by joining one of our live training webinars open to all teachers, TAs and senior leaders.
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